Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle

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your text contains 10 times the word "concordance",you might like to see why. So
why. So you click on the big CONCORDANCEand all 10 the snippets of text
of text arround the ten occurrences of concordancein the text. A real concordancer program
A real concordancer program makes the whole concordanceavailable at once, possibly on texts of
who introduced me to his use of concordancein philosophical analysis some 20 years ago.

pretty. But it is much more clever: Allthe words in the cloud are clickable,
you click on the big CONCORDANCE and all10 the snippets of text arround the

became very popular. Wordle is a Java application(available as an applet) who makes beautiful

of large program. Many people asked the authorof Wordle for the source code. Wordle
little link and a mention of the authorwould be greatly appreciated. Become friends with

In this area appear snippets arround words
clicked on in the cloud in the above area. This is the concordance area.

Concordle is written entirely in simple JavaScript
and the whole code is inside of this document.
In addition to this final code, there are also
versions of various steps in the development.
These are available at the other Concordle home page.
The story of Concordle is told (with detailed help) at Concordle's Google blogspot The author is no expert in JavaScript. Suggestions for
understandable improvements are very welcome.
At this stage, the example text explains some aspects of Concordle.
Ladislav Kocbach
Institutt for fysikk og Teknologi )
( Department of Physics and Technology )
University of Bergen,
Bergen, Norway